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To Vax or not to Vax

Good Evening Warriors!
Has it not been the craziest 2 years? Seriously!?
I have Lupus, 2 different kidney diseases (nephrocalcinosis, and polycystic kidney disease) and as of May 2020, have started pain management for Chronic Pain associated with a spinal rod/fusion surgery I had 25 years ago.
I am so torn! I, like most of the rest of us immuno- compromised, have been basically homebound since March 2020. The chronic pain thing keeps me bed bound most days while I have waited to find out exactly what options I have with my current hardware. I have been offered an extention of my current rods and fusion (S1 L5 Fusion) but I will have to wait 2 months before I can have it as I do smoke on occasion.
I am so so so tired of being in this house all day everyday! As with the rest of us, I do spend a GREAT amount of time going above and beyond to try and protect myself (as well as my family respecting my need for protection) but with Covid... it so extreme and so much more of an unknown and paranoia.

So that being said, I originally had decided I WAS NOT getting the vaccine as there was just not any Info posted or even trialed for those of us with Autoimmune disorders. So I automatically just NIXED the idea at all. I do not take the flu vaccine because the one time I did, I was dealthy ill for 2 weeks. Never again.. lol

But this is something so new and different and quite scary. The more time that passes thr more I am actually considering getting this vaccine as it's mRNA and not live, but I am still quite unsure because of all of the unpublished info on just how many people are not having good reactions.
I have decided to call and speak with ALL of my physicians and get the opinion of them all in regards to what may be best for my medical conditions. But I am curious as to is anyone has actually gotten covid 19 and your experience with it... and whom all has received the vaccine and the experience with that as well.
Anyone care to share? Anyone have any pertinent info in regards to new research or pros and cons they would like to out out there to consider?

Any stories, input, or info is kindly appreciated!
Health and Happiness to all!

  1. Hi I am so glad you are asking these questions. Calling and asking all your physicians to get as many opinions as you can seems like such a good idea, thank you for sharing that. Everyone will have a different take on this, but if it is useful, we have collected some data in this article. It is updated as we learn new information:

    I hope others will chime in here with their personal experiences. One of our contributor's shared hers recently in this article: Like she says, it is her personal experience which may differ from others, but sharing can provide us so much support.

    Thanks for being part of this community.

    - Liz ( Team Member)

    1. You are going through so much. It is totally understandable why you would feel nervous with taking the vaccinations. I have taken the vaccinations and am fully inoculated. I was nervous as well and it took me talking with my doctor and family to make sure it is something my body could handle. With my doctor's advice and my current treatment plan it was deemed necessary. Since my WBC is so low we didn't want to take a chance.

      In my experience, The first shot was like a bad lupus fog and head cold all at the same time. The second shot was different in that it brought on major body aches and joint pain. Both shots the symptoms lasted for me about 5 days. I always caution others to just use my experience as just information and not necessarily what will happen to them. It's important to know and understand that everyone's body will react differently. Vaccinations are known to cause flares but not everyone gets that reaction.

      You definitely need to continue to work with your doctors to make sure your treatment plan and health conditions are in a stable situation where your body can handle the shot. I know you may be nervous, but just work with your team of doctors to make the choice that is safest for you. Good luck to you in your decision. I hope it works out well. ~Racquel~ team

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