My COVID-19 Vaccine And How The First Dose Went

Last updated: September 2021

Please ask your medical professional if the vaccine is right for you. The following is my experience under the care of my physician.

Over the last year and a half, COVID-19 has ravaged our societies, families, friends, and us. COVID-19 had a special hold on a lot of those that are immunosuppressed. The fear of dying hit closer to home than most. As if fighting our daily diseases were not enough, we now had more than the flu, infection, etc. to worry about. Like many, the fear of not being able to beat the virus as a lupus patient lingers in the back of my and my family’s head. My family was just as isolated as I was. Their love for me and concern for my health caused them to take major precautions that most healthy individuals did not take. For example, stripping all clothing when returning from work outside and placing it immediately into the laundry. This was then followed by showers.

My fear of the vaccines

As vaccinations started opening up, I struggled with my feelings towards taking them. With my background in the sciences, my brain tells me it’s the best option, but the human side of me had a little fear. My doctor has stated when it’s available I needed to get it as soon as possible, which helped a little.

My fears were very specific. Death. As the vaccine rolled out, the percentage of people although small, getting ill, dying, and having severe reactions scared me. My mind knew better; but as a human, my heart wavered. These were all thoughts, not realities as the vaccine was not available to me yet.

My vaccine experience

I volunteer occasionally at a PT office with children and real opportunity presented itself. My husband made the appointments for the 2 of us, which took the guesswork away from me. Now I had to commit and there was no going back. We drove to CVS Pharmacy on a Saturday afternoon.

Part of me was excited to have some sort of fight against COVID, part of me was nervous. The pharmacy was clean, organized, and quick. Within minutes of being there, I was being administered the vaccine. The shot was quick. For me, it didn’t hurt like the flu shot. My arm was barely sore. Within hours had the strangest headache and felt a little nauseated. My whole family went to the skate park post-injection 3 hours later, and I told the kids I needed to go home. I do not suffer from migraines, but I could imagine that was what they were like. My husband had soreness in his arm, he stated it hurt more than the flu shot.

I pretty much just had a day of just feeling off. Then it was gone. My husband felt nothing but 24 hours later he got the same headache for 2 days. It was interesting seeing the difference between a healthy individual and me. Over the next week I had random bouts of exhaustion, they did not last long, and it was not my normal exhaustion that would lay me out for days in bed. I was active around the house, did most of my normal routine. My husband did not experience any other symptoms.

Overall I am happy that I pushed through my heart's doubts and stuck with the scientist I am. A month later it is time for dose number 2. What will happen... I do not know. Stay tuned for part 2.

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