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Managing Lupus when Treatment Isn't Simple

What are your experiences managing lupus when treatment advice isn't clear or you don't have the necessary resources?

What helps you get through the day?

  1. , well, I'm kinda in the same boat as you are. The rheumatologist I see now isn't very helpful. So, I'm looking for another one. But, I am being proactive about looking too. Good luck!

    1. Hi @reggiehall and @lisamarie42

      When I was first diagnosed I went to see multiple rheumatologists and got various second opinions. I also researched so many things online. As patients if something isnt clear, dont be afraid to ask questions and demand the proper treatmemnt. - Geri (, team member)

  2. I look to tuning into my body and different lupus support groups for some direction. It's hard to find the right doctor for you so you have to really keep searching. I hope you found a doctor to help you out. ~Racquel~ team member

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