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Malar rash or something else?

Hey, I’m new here so bare with me. I’m just looking for a little advice before bringing it to my GPs attention. Long story short I’ve always had a multitude off minor issues with my health, and when discussing with doc he always tells me there not severe enough to look into and try tablets/ avoid certain things etc. It’s went on for years to the extent I’ve gave up going to him and trying to work out my issues myself. For a lot I’ve figured out triggers and how to cope with them, but still can’t help them something more that links all my symptoms together. About a year ago I had a bad skin flare up (I’ve got eczema) but this wasn’t my usual issues and went on for months and suddenly disappeared again. However I started getting this rash while drinking certain alcohol, initially put it down to stress and the fact I am sensitive to a lot of things. It’s been the Bain of my life the past year, although didn’t think much of it I started to research it further and found out about malar rash, and felt it was quite similar, although very mild to pictures online, and it usually only lasted few hours/ over night and would go away. A lot of my other symptoms are in line with lupus, however I’m very aware there are a million different things that could be causing it, it’s just hard to look else where when everything points to one place. I want to speak to my GP about it but feel I need a bit more advice before doing so. I know he won’t take me serious so I’m just looking for advice from others on wether u think this looks similar to lupus malar rash or something else? This photos are only a snippet of my break outs but they show the varieing degrees of how it goes, some simple discolouration and others bright red.

  1. , First, I am so sorry you have been experiencing so much discomfort without any real answers or clarity from doctors! Unfortunately, this is all too common in the lupus community. I am unable to give medical advice, as I am not a medical professional, so I can't determine from your pictures if your rash is lupus related. That being said, there are many different types of rashes associated with lupus so it certainly can't be ruled out ( The best advice I can provide is to consult with your doctor, which I know you have concerns about being taken seriously. You can always seek a second, or third, opinion if you don't feel your doctor is listening to your concerns or respecting your needs! You mentioned that you have other symptoms related to lupus, it might help when you go to the doctor if you have recorded all of the symptoms you have been experiencing to support your request for lupus testing ( It can be really hard to remember all of the symptoms you have been experiencing once you are in the doctors office, so we have created a downloadable symptom tracker that you could fill out every day or week to help keep track and bring with you to your next doctors appointment: . I hope this is helpful! Please know you are not alone in this. Getting diagnosed with lupus can be a long, frustrating and complex process but we are here to listen and support you along the way! Sending hugs,
    Gabby (team member)

    1. to avoid rashes, cover arms, legs, and wear a hat when exposed to sunlight for more than ten minutes…the beach is out, sorry to say if you have lupus. Stay away from alcohol due to the tannins, sulfites, preservatives, etc. They all cause inflammation in your body. Go to a rheumatologist only and get them to test your ANA and RH factor…then you’ll know immediately. If you have even a slightly positive ANA or if your RH factor is elevated, you most likely have lupus. The levels flux so that why you need a doctor who specialises in the understanding of those two levels.

      1. , Thanks for sharing these great tips and insights! We appreciate you being here and supporting our community!
        Gabby (team member)

      2. great response thanks ~Racquel~ team member

    2. sorry you have dealt with this. I hope you have gotten some answers about it all. From the pics it’s really hard to tell. Your doctor can further look at it and tell. In my experience alcohols, sun and certain foods trigger my malar rash. I hope you have gotten the help to calm it down. ~Racquel~ team member

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