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Facial rash

I woke up 5 weeks ago with a rash on my face. After treating it at home for a few days I went to my primary. She started with trying creams and steroids. It has gotten worse. I’m in constant relentless pain that never goes away. This week I’ve been to 2 different dermatologists. One was stumped and said rosacea and gave cream. Wanted a second opinion the next day. She said contact dermatitis and gave steroids and cream. They are not helping. I was in so much pain that I went to the ER 2 nights ago and of course they can’t help. I’m icing the area constantly. Not sleeping or eating.
Question is are you in this much pain if it’s lupus? My ANA came back positive so I see my rheumatologist Monday. My rash

  1. , I'm sorry you've been dealing with so much pain and discomfort! I hope your appointment with your Rheumatologist goes well today. This symptom tracker might help you better notice other symptoms related to lupus you may be experiencing: Let us know how your appointment goes! Sending gentle hugs to you,
    Gabby (team member)

    1. ouch I’m so sorry you are dealing with this. Lupus can bring on a lot of pain. I am hoping your visit with the doctor has shined a light on what’s going on. Let us know how it went. Gentle hugs to you ~Racquel~ team member

      1. I’m sorry that you are experiencing so much pain and the problems that are accompanying it. I haven’t received a definitive answer regarding whether or not I have lupus, but what I am learning from reading other people’s experiences is that symptoms and the severity of the symptoms vary greatly. I’m happy for you that you’ve been able to see a rheumatologist. I hope that visit provided you with answers.

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