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Disability Questions

Hey all. Last year in July I had COVID and I really struggled with it, I got very sick. I had COVID for 4 weeks. My boyfriend and doctor pushed for me to get a full physical and blood panel as they felt like there had to be some underlying conditions with me. I kinda brushed them both off and my body began to go through so aches, pains and changes that were not normal. I just figured I was dealing with “Long COVID” as they say. After months of dealing with the abnormal pains, I finally got to the point that it was now unbearable and I couldn’t go any further. I contacted my doctor and yesterday I was diagnosed with “Lupus” and I’m waiting to see a specialist. I am currently out of work as the pain and dealing with this is so overwhelming.
In 2012 I was approved for disability 100%, but choose to go back to work because I felt I was too young and wanted to continue working as I felt I had more years to give. Now, with Lupus I would like to add this and re-file. Does anyone know what I need to do or can refer me to someone who can help. I’m in NC.

  1. , I am so sorry for the pain and discomfort you have been experiencing for so many months. The early days of diagnosis can feel overwhelming. We are here to help as much as possible along the way. This article was written by one of our patient leaders about her process of managing after learning about her lupus diagnosis: and this one has advice from many of our community members of things they wish they knew when they were first diagnosed: In terms of insurance and benefits, since you have a new diagnosis, I believe you would go about applying for benefits in the same way you did initially with this updated health information. This article lays out the process for applying for SSI and SSDI benefits: In addition, this article outlines some other financial assistance programs that might be worth looking into: I hope some of this helps!
    Gabby (team member)

    1. thank you so much. This was so helpful.

  2. Gabby has given such great links to assist. Just want to encourage you to just stay on top of it all and be patient it can be a lengthy process. ~Racquel~ team member

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