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Dealing with Others

I just finished explaining to a more mature woman why I was parked in a handicap parking space even though I had a handicap placard. Why was she arguing with me about whether I was disabled or not? I finally said to her I don't have to explain anything to you and you are free to not speak to me about my personal situation. She was so angry like I took her spot, and she had the parking space right next to me. The conversation ended with me telling her that all disabilities are not going to be seen and she should really think before she decided to chastise someone for parking in a legal spot.

Not the way I wanted to start my day earlier but it really got under my skin. As if the pain I'm feeling today wasn't bad enough to deal with. Has anyone ever questioned why you did something for yourself as you battle lupus?

  1. I can't tell you how many times.......especially older women that give me such dirty looks when I park in handicap spot. I just shrug it off now. It used to bother me, now I laugh.

    1. , Their ignorance is showing! Glad you are able to brush it off and not pay them any mind! It's your body and your business.
      Gabby (team member)

    2. I agree shrugging it off and moving along is the best way to handle it all. it seems like some maturerr people feel they are the only ones that have the right to these things. Thanks so much for reminding me that laughing and walking away really can set us free lol. ~Racquel~ team member

  2. I was diagnosed with SLE at 20. You would not believe how many times i hear “you dont look sick” or i get guilted into doing something people my age are doing. People think you’re being lazy or something when in reality its like ‘don't you think i wish i could park somewhere else, or do what other people my age are doing’.

    Try not to let the ignorance of others get to you. Maybe that individual should have left 5-10 minutes sooner and the spot would have been theirs. People will never understand the silent battles we go through. Just because you cannot see it, doesnt mean it doesn’t exist.

    1. , Well said! The ignorance of some people is really astounding.... Just because they aren't experiencing it, doesn't make it not real!
      Gabby (team member)

    2. I agree people have no clue what silent battles others go through. The ignorance is stringbin many for sure. ~Racquel~ team member

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