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CBD oils and tinctures

Have you ever used CBD oils and or tinctures and gummies to quell your pain from lupus? If so, did you speak with your doctor or just get it on your own?

Me personally I use CBD healing oils to help with my lupus lesions and for joint pain.

  1. Everyone is different of course but in my experiences, it's all a crock of bull. I am prescribed medical marijuana and carry a license for it in my state and that will probably help you so much more than the alternative. Even the physicians at the dispensary laughed at the CBD & Hemp products and they're forced to sell them there and warn everyone to not expect much of anything.
    Again, everyone is different and it might do you some good. All you can do is trial & error until you learn what's best for you.

    1. , You're so right, everyones body is different and reacts uniquely to different treatments and supplements. There does seem to be a huge influx of CBD products these days. It's definitely worth "doing your homework" and consulting with your medical team before adding a new supplement into your treatment plan.
      Gabby (team member)

    2. So true. What works for one might not work for another. It's interesting this body we all have and how the pains can be similar but different as well as the treatments. One thing for sure is the trial and error will always be a part of our lives on this journey. Thanks for your comment. ~Racquel~ team member

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