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Butterfly Rash

Newbie here😀 I am wondering how many people have almost immediate reaction to being outside in regards to the butterfly rash….most of the time a little make up will do, but the sun makes it so noticeable with in 10 minutes the rash looks very intense… anyone else? Also it makes the upper part of my chest that was exposed tot he sun red, with little bumps?

  1. Welcome to the community! We're so glad you found us!
    Thanks so much for reaching out, as we wait for others to chime in here, I wanted to share this article that gives some helpful information on the butterfly (or malar)mask:
    All my best, Doreen (Team Member)

    1. Hello I’m new here as well!!! I to react to the sun and artificial light. I had to leave work due to the lights. My scalp will get irritated and any part of me that’s exposed. Bumpy rashes sunburn like rashes and the butterfly rash on my face. Sunscreen usually helps but if I’m flaring then it’s better for me to stay home and stay away from artificial light and sunlight.

      1. It's so good to have the support. We lose all care of who judges us when we are dealing with so many issues. So glad you are doing what it takes to protect yourself. Thanks for your comment. ~Racquel~ team member

      2. Thank you for sharing your incredible story and wonderful perspective.
        It's great to hear how you put lupus in the back seat.
        Fondly, Doreen (Team Member)

    2. Yes the sun is my nemesis. It can really do a number on your body. I try not to go out at the peak of the day and I always wear protective clothing and sunscreen. ~Racquel~ team member

      1. Hi! Welcome to the community! Glad you're here and asking questions - you're definitely not alone. My rash does come on pretty quickly with sun exposure, especially if it means I also get warm or hot. I've started referring to it as "tomato face" because I've found it to be so embarrassing. My upper chest is almost always red these days and also gets worse with sun exposure. I get bumps on my face but I haven't noticed them on my chest. I'm sorry you're going through this too.-Ava, team

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