Lupus has totally changed my life. It took over 10 years to diagnosis and by then I was quite ill.

Symptoms and life changes

I have severe photosensitivity and can’t be in the sun or ultraviolet lights. I had to stop driving due to many factors. I also had to stop teaching! So, you lose friends when you are sick and “out of sight; out of mind!"

How I adapted and cope

I had to decide to fight it! I joined pain support groups. Started hobbies that I could do at home. Decide to invite friends to my house. A total mind change. I have to decide despite fatigue and pain that I would get out of bed. I decided somehow to try and learn something new at least a couple times a week. I joined a Bible Study.

I am a lupus warrior

I am a warrior as every day it is a fight not to feel bad, to participate in life despite my limitations. I became a Lupus Advocate. A daily battle but it is worth it!Grand Canyon with My sister in Law

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