It was 2006, my dermatologist promised me he would help me. Yes, he did, absolutely. I am American Indian. I had 1 little pimple on my face. My doctor cut it off so fast with a scalpel, I didn't even feel it.

Test results reveal lupus

Test came back, abnormal skin cells, not enough. So he takes a sample of my scalp. Test comes back, my doctor says "I have good news, bad news, worse news. I found what is wrong with you, you have lupus. There is no cure for it."

Coping with symptoms

I have to avoid sunlight, fluorescent lights. It has changed my life completely. A little sunlight is ok, too much makes me very sick. Joint pain is bad. I am 65 now with osteoarthritis since 1991 - so lupus sure didn't help that.

That's my story. Thank you for listening.

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