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New Here and Seeking Advice

Light bulb went off! A couple weeks ago I finally gave in and started researching what issues I have then everything made sense.

Early symptoms

Looking back I have had symptoms of lupus since my early 20s. I never questioned anything or any doctors and honestly believed my mother when she said I was a hypochondriac.

Doing my own research

I am 48 now and have major symptoms of Lupus. With my research I assume I have been suffering for years, I blamed stress, diet, allergies, no health insurance, and everything else on me staying sick without questions about autoimmune disease. I never addressed the real stuff, the weird stuff, never wondered why or what was going on until now.

Barely functioning

I have been diagnosed with adult ADD in my early 30s, possibly the lupus fog. A friend made comments about how I stay sick. I have arthritis in hands, feet, and other areas.

Lately, it has gotten to the point where I am barely functioning. Flu-like symptoms, 9 COVID tests in the last year, joint pain that caused me to not get out of bed. Now I am having all kinds of problems with my mouth, sores, peeling and swollen lips, split corners, puffy and crusty eyes.

Preparing for testing

I feel like I am losing my mind. I am going to see my doctor for blood test and to discuss all this. I have young children and it's a wake-up call.

Any advice on diagnosis and symptoms and how to deal with it is welcome!

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