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Being diagnosed in 2010, a single mom and a very active woman, Lupus was not real. It was something that a doctor said was the reason for my poor health and the reason my unit and grandmother passed away.

I was physical and active

I rode motorcycles 24/7. My job as a license to carry security officer for some Major Hospitals in my area involved so much physical work and I felt courageous brave and my physical strength unparalleled to anyone I knew! After riding a motorcycle 24/7 is not what most people choose. 25 degree weather, ice, rain, wind, made me feel strong. Until one day heading out to work I go down on my bike and Lupus showed me who was boss in my body.

I fight for my grandchildren

I lost everything that defined who I was. I suffered years after that. Doctors could not get it right. I couldn’t get it either, until I had to be that girl again for my grandchildren. They all are the reason I’m handling this war and although it kicks me down at times I remember who I am and get up to fight again.

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