Self Care During Pandemic

My name is Julie. I have scleroderma, lupus. It was so hard trying to get a doctor visit, everyone wanted to do it on the computer. I was like, "oh no, I am coming in face to face."

Mindfulness and coping

Being diagnosed with this I have learned to eat right, meditate, mindfulness, and art every day. The pandemic doe not have to define us as stay at home. I see my birds every day, talk to people every day. You have to find ways to love yourself called self-compassion. Going for a walk, it's mindfulness, you're turning down the pain dial. Eating, it's mindfulness. Small things can help us cope, but it's up to us to not to let depression and anxiety win.

Remember self-love

So please warriors, find something good to do that is fun, and remember to love yourself during this hard time. Together we are stronger, and make your voice known. Speak out, do not sit down and hurt.

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