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"Will It Kill Me?"

Well, I have had Lupus for 35 years.

What is lupus?

My daughter was 10 when I was diagnosed I went to my primary care doctor because I was so tired and in pain. He did a lot of blood work and it came back, and I had never heard of Lupus. My question to him was, "will it kill me?" His answer, "no, we have a lot of medicine that we can give you."

Waiting for a rheumatologist

That began my journey of taking a million pills a day until I could see a rheumatologist which was 4 months, but the pain was so bad. I had to go to work and I never stopped hurting. I finally saw my rheumatologist who did more blood work and gave another round of meds.

What not to say to someone living with lupus

I thank God that I have a family who knows that when I hurt, I need to take my meds and rest. The thing that gets me is when I tell my friends that I am hurting, they say, "me too," or "it won't last long."

But I get up and do what I can do and save the rest of the week.

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