Lupus and the Mystery Diagnosis

I started showing signs about age 12 but the doctors always came up with crazy reasons I was feeling the way I was. I learned to deal with it and went on with life.

Symptoms emerge

A year after a hysterectomy, as well as other issues that day of surgery, I was still feeling horrible. I would fall asleep going to the bathroom, crazy as it sounds. I got a rash that wouldn’t go away on my face and couldn’t get into a regular doctor. I went to a clinic near work and she immediately asked to run tests for lupus among other things.

Diagnosed with lupus

4 months later I got the diagnosis and the rollercoaster began. My emotions were a mess, fear, anger and depression. Now I’m under care of a great doctor and I got married, adopting a little girl, and moving to a new home in the country.

Lupus will not win

I refuse to let this win. I was in a horrible head-on crash 5 yrs ago and had to learn to walk again. The lupus is more active but I still refuse to slow down. It’s a battle some days to get up, but I do. Lupus won’t win.

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