My Lupus Journey

I was diagnosed with SLE when I was 37 years of age and am now 53 years old. I had my first autoimmune disease at 25 called Erythema Nodosum. GP’s see it once every 20 years and the specialist I saw once every 10 years. This predisposed me to many things... ulcerative colitis, sarcoidosis, blood clotting, and Lupus. I ended up with Lupus, multiple clotting disorders which led to me surviving 4 bouts of Pulmonary Embolisms, Ischaemic Colitis, and multiple gut Issues.

Finally receiving my diagnosis

It took 7 years to be diagnosed as symptoms started at age 30 but told was depressed given medication and this was a vicious cycle until ANA 2560 and speckled and 9 out of 11 symptoms got me my diagnosis. I have been blessed this be treated only on Plaquenil at this stage and steroids, not an option due to drug-induced closed-angle glaucoma and allergies to 19 medications.
Most days good, but only one period of remission since diagnosis and lots of other medical issues since diagnosis.
Migraines back again now had to go off Topamax which caused glaucoma but kept headaches at bay.
So that is me.

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