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If Only I Knew

After reading this story on hysterectomy and menopause...I realized now how lupus affected my uterus and I nearly lost my son back in 1984. I was told not to get pregnant after my daughter in 1981 but I wanted one more...actually 2 more but was blessed to have my son.


After his birth I had alot of bleeding during my much so I became anemic and doctors became concerned. At this time I knew I had lupus but no doctors would hear me much less listen so was never tested. By December 1984 I was told I needed a hysterectomy which broke my I got a 2nd opinion...he too said yes a hysterectomy was needed. So I was scheduled in March of 1985 just before my son's first birthday. I couldn't believe how good I felt afterward. Even today at 67 I still take hormones but it took many years to find the one best for me.

Still to this day I would have liked one more baby but it's long past. But I truly had no idea the extra pain I went thru for years and the heavy flow for nearly 10 years was related to lupus...but now seeing how back then lupus had been biting little by little pieces of me away. I wish more had been known and doctors had listened to me.

Lupus diagnosis

I wasn't officially diagnosed until more complications happened that my PCP sent me to a Rheumatologist in late 1993...on top of lupus were Sjogren's, fibro, RA, Raynard's, and I understood why I was suffering in silence for too many years. But to make things even more exciting...having issues they thought was Sjogren's turned out to be MS! I was in a state of complete shock for nearly a year before I snapped out of it.

I'm a fighter...always have been even as a small child...I will continue to fight each and every battle...and with God's mighty hand fighting beside me...I will win each battle until the Lord takes me home.

Never Give Up...Never...

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