Finally Some Answers

I was officially diagnosed with lupus in March after suffering from pain and fatigue for years. After a diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis in 2017 and then another doctor dismissing that diagnosis, I still suffered from pain.

Dismissed at first

I went to the doctor only to be told I was fine. I had bloodwork and was told to take vitamin D to help with fatigue and do yoga to help with any pain (and take Advil). Finally, a doctor ran the right tests to prove that my symptoms weren't all in my head. It gets incredibly frustrating to not be heard.

Lupus diagnosis

While seeing the positive test results and hearing the diagnosis wasn't easy, I still felt relief. I now had a reason for all of my symptoms. It was like I had put a puzzle together. So many other symptoms would up being a part of my lupus diagnosis. I will fight a good fight, listen to my rheumatologist, listen to my body, research as much as I can, educate others, and survive this.

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