Self Care During the Pandemic

My name is Julie. I have scleroderma lupus.

Game plan for fatigue

The hardest thing is fatigue. After going to the store, I climb onto my bed and crash for hours. I am so drained. Yet none of the doctors at Stanford can figure this out.

So here is my game plan. Eat right, mindfulness, meditation, tai chi and learn to walk without my crutches.

Recovering from surgery

I just had knee surgery and fought a bad infection but I refuse to collapse. I heading back to physical therapy to get stronger. I take my vitamins every day.

Tips for self care

Listen to your body, if you're tired take that nap. If you want to walk, go do it. As warriors this does not have to define us. talk to the doctor get a game plan but most of all if they do not listen to us walk away find someone who does. Listen to a therapist, second opinion, family, caregiver, make noise get answers to make you stronger most of all warriors love yourself.

Remember I love you, proud of you. All of you.

God bless,


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