Moving Right Along God's Grace

Last post, in December found 4cm mass turned out to be renal carcinoma. January 28th had it removed, started recovery, but I never do anything easy. Feeding tube stopped working and ended up with a nice incisional hernia!!🤦🏾‍♀ So had to have that repaired and the feeding tube placed April 26th ( sorry this is long)

Hoping this is it, finally my abdomen can't handle much more and in hungry 😂 Nope, feeding tube wouldn't work everything came back out 🤷🏽‍♀

Emergency procedure

So May 1st, had an emergency procedure to place it from inside out (phew). Triple recovery, 3 surgeries in 90 days. Autoimmune disease does not like it at all!!

How I cope

But one day at a time, not gonna push this tube or me, and I'm in a RA flare up. All I can do is smile and pray, relax pray, repeat.

Thank you for reading...❤ God Bless us Alla🙏🏽

Just me

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