The Male Doctor Said Go Home, Have Another Baby

After having a breast reduction I became sick. The symptoms were ones I had for years. We lived overseas at the time the doctors told me nothing was wrong with me, it was just from the surgery. After 9 months the fever, pain, nausea, fatigue, malar rash.... the list goes on, I was told to go home and have another baby that would help me stop thinking about all the medical problems.

Demanding tests

It took another 3 months with demands for tests from my husband for the doctor to do any kinds of tests. He said he thought it was all in a bid to get attention. The call I got from him 2 days later was more shocking for him than me. He said he had made me an appointment with a Rheumatologist because he believed I had Lupus. After more tests, it was confirmed.

Living with lupus

It's been 21 years now. There's been many hospitalizations, many doctors appointments, cancelled events, and lonely nights but I'm still here.

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