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Practicing Wellness To Protect Your Lupus Life, Part 2

Feeling well when you are sick can be a difficult task. We discussed physical, emotional and spiritual wellness in our last article. There are other areas that are important to help us along our wellness journey. Financial, social, and intellectual wellness can also help us to live well beyond lupus.

Wellness beyond physical constraints

Wellness is so important in more ways than just the physical aspects. Being well is not only about being healthy physically with no illness. It’s about choosing wellness for enhanced well-being to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Life in practice

Every day we are given the opportunity to choose what we do to protect our lupus lives. I have found every day, there are also many opportunities to fall into things that threaten wellness within us. As I grow in this lupus battle, I find that optimal health comes from wellness.

Supporting other avenues of wellness

Financial wellness

– Financial wellness can be difficult with lupus. The strain of medical bills, copays, and loss of income can definitely create strain and stress. I found that my financial wellness was dependent on me living within my means, setting up payment plans for bills that were overdue and using a budget to keep me responsible for my financial future.

Intellectual wellness

– As I fight lupus day to day, it has been hard to keep up with learning new things. Between the pain and fatigue, it is so hard to have the desire to do something extra. I had to step out of my pain and learn how important intellectual wellness was. I step out on faith daily to engage in life creatively whether it be by reading a book or a newspaper. Intellectual wellness can also encompass learning something new or going back to school for a class.

Social wellness

– I think when I was diagnosed my social wellness suffered. I wasn’t as available due to being sick and had to often cancel plans. It wore me down emotionally. I felt so unlike myself. I worked to change that as I felt better. When dealing with your social wellness it’s important to look at your social network and support system. I had to reevaluate friendships and build relationships back up. I feel the rebuilt relationships help to bring a greater sense of health and wellness emotionally in our lives.

Why is wellness important?

Choosing to work on the different areas of wellness can dramatically assist in your lupus journey. It’s not only about your physical body. It is about enhancing your well-being so you can live better beyond lupus. Wellness aids in optimal health by creating a sense of mindfulness in you. It helps you to become more aware of how you are living. Working on your wellness can be so fulfilling and meaningful. It can create personal empowerment and is so important to living a happy healthy life.

Are you feeling ready to tackle your wellness? How will you work on your personal wellness? Let us know in the comments.

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