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Practicing Wellness To Protect Your Lupus Life, Part 1

Do you ever feel like you aren’t well as you battle lupus? Does it feel like everything is coming at you all at once and just wearing you down? At times, doesn’t it feel like lupus is coming at you like a freight train on a mission to reach its final destination? I know I have felt all of these feelings and it drives me crazy. I’ve had to start being extremely mindful in practicing wellness.

The importance of protecting yourself

I realize my being is amazing. Physically, mentally and spiritually I know my body has completed some amazing feats that have allowed me to rise above lupus issues. I made a choice to protect my body with prevention, nourishment, and love in the form of movement and mindfulness. Just because we have lupus, we shouldn’t abuse our bodies or take life for granted. We have a duty to ourselves to stay protected and keep our temples flexible, strong and balanced beyond lupus’ grips.

Practicing wellness

It’s hard sometimes to practice wellness while battling lupus. Lupus tries to destroy your body so finding ways to combat that can be difficult. But your life depends on how you react and how you fight so let’s talk about some ways to practice wellness beyond lupus.

Individual Wellness

  • Physical wellness – Physical wellness is so important. I find when I exercise, I prepare my body to better deal with flares. When I eat nutritious foods, sleep well, and manage my stress my physical health is better. Taking care of my body medically with proper checkups and screenings is so helpful in keeping my flares at bay.
  • Emotional wellness – My emotional wellness goes back and forth. As I battle lupus it’s hard to keep my emotions in check. So many things happen that can keep our emotional state in limbo. What I have learned is that being healthy emotionally is a very important part of my overall health. I’ve had to take note of my emotions so I can deal with them in ways that help. Using a journal and seeing a therapist has worked to help get my emotional wellness in check.
  • Spiritual wellness – Spiritual wellness has really kept my emotional and physical wellness tied into each other. As I understand my beliefs and values, I know spending time in prayer and meditation prepares me spiritually to be calm and respond differently to lupus issues.

Being open to change

As we battle lupus, we have to be open to protecting ourselves from long-lasting lupus issues. Some lupus issues that are reoccurring can be prevented by practicing wellness. As we practice wellness, we can protect our overall physical health and prevent flares.

Individual wellness begins with you. It is something you have to be mindful of in order to tap into the positive it can bring in your lupus life. In the next part, let’s talk about how being financially, socially, and intellectually well can help us in living better beyond lupus.

What do you find is the hardest part in protecting yourself as you practice wellness? Let us know in the comments.

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