More Models with Disabilities

Everyone that has skin issues or any health issues I encourage to model. Why? Ask yourself why not? You become unique in your own way. Just think that no one with your condition is trying to model and be the best you can be. I see many vitiligo and albino models, but what about psoriasis, discoid lupus, eczema patients, and more. Have you guys ever thought about taking a chance out on yourselves? You are all beautiful in your own way. Showing your skin rashes and your truth will influence others like you to not care what others say and to love themselves even more. I meet many women who tell me that they love my confidence and how I just keep pushing forward, but I have had some broken moments.

Lupus barriers in modeling

When I decided to go back to modeling, I forgot how to model. I know that sounds weird, but you enter back into the light with a different energy. You develop different insecurities, and the photographer will never understand why you are shy and are just doing one pose. No, they question your abilities, and they do not understand that they are breaking your ego and confidence even more. I would love to see more people embrace their natural beauty and achieve and be everything they set their hearts out to be. I have never been the person to act like I am better than anyone else, but I have had those moments where I just give off a blank stare. Lupus can really change your whole ego, and that happened to me. When I stepped in front of the camera, I barely felt beautiful, especially when I use my phone camera because it really captured.

Self-care for confidence

When you are in front of the camera, it captures your sensitive side and emotional side and does not be afraid to let out a cry and be opened to showing that side that you never thought you would let anyone else see. So yes, I would like to see more people with disabilities modeling. It starts with you building your own portfolio first, and then the rest will follow. Sometimes it takes that one step out of your comfort zone for you to blossom. After my last photoshoot, I stopped because the photographer was awesome, but I felt just not encouraged because he had other people he had to tend to, and I understand that. It's something about a photographer that cares about the person he is taking care of feelings and even more. When you take photos, you let someone into your personal space that you need to feel comfortable with.

Now I am building my confidence back, especially after having a child, and I am ready to get back out there. I am ready to fall in love with myself again and pursue modeling just as a way of building my confidence back. I want my confidence to be so high that I am someone my daughter looks up to and become influenced by.

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