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Body Positivity

Body positivity can not only influence a woman to love herself, but it can also change the outlook on how she loves herself. Body positivity will influence a woman to smile with confidence when she enters the room. She will have an everlasting glow and warmth of joy come over her. Her tears will be tears of happiness. Just think, if we all could promote body positivity then the world would be a better place.

Body shaming and identity crisis

When should a woman stop being body-shamed by others? It starts with how that person is as an individual. Body shaming is very common these days and it causes a lot of people to harm themselves, more people than usual this has happened to. Women already faces an identity crisis when their body changes. What all women must know is that our body changes like the season. But when it changes, I do not want to be judged for it.

There were plenty of changes I have faced that have caused body shaming. The first was puberty, when I hit puberty of course my mustache started to grow, and kids would bully me about it. But then when I reached high school and went through something very stressful, that made my lupus flare-up which later would cause me to go through a kidney failure. Lupus can change your body each time it affects you.

The emotional toll of body insecurities with lupus

Things that do not affect other people can really affect us mentally. You have so many women that have these insecurities. I had them dealing with my lupus. We already feel ugly when we are in a flare and just for strangers to confirm it can be gut-wrenching. The only time I experienced a positive outcome of my flare-up was when I spoke to older people who are well-educated. They would randomly walk up to me and say that I look beautiful through my obstacles. One woman also told me that I would be a walking testimony. She told me I was very beautiful through the rash on my face and if anyone has an issue then forget about them because I was not ugly but strong and wise before my time.

Why body positivity is important

Body positivity can make the world a better place and change stereotypes period of how an individual should look. "Do not judge a book by its cover," is the perfect saying for body positivity. That person can be a wonderful person and just because someone does not look like another does not mean they are not a beautiful person.

So to everyone that’s battling with insecurities and body shaming, just keep your head up high and keep pushing forward. Do not care what others say about you because you are beautiful. Even If your doctors or the people closest to you tell you hurtful things, disconnect if you need to. Call it selfish, I call it a road to better health and positivity. The things we face daily already with our health can be overwhelming so do not stress on things that do not matter and will not make you evolve into a better person. If someone does not care about you then keep it pushing.

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