Laughter is a Healing Power in My Battle Against Lupus

Living with lupus has been a challenging journey filled with pain, doctor's appointments, medications, and constant uncertainty. However, amidst the ups and downs, I’ve had to discover a different way for me to fight against lupus’ grips. That way for me is laughter. There is such an importance of laughter as a means of healing and coping with lupus for me.

Lupus is a such a complex condition with a wide range of symptoms. For many, myself included, the journey with lupus is physically and emotionally draining. Debilitating fatigue and painful joint and muscle pain can stress anyone out. All of the challenges can be overwhelming. But I have found it's crucial to remember that there are ways to improve my quality of life and ease the burden of dealing with lupus.

Laughter is one such way, and its benefits are truly remarkable.

Laughter is my natural pain reliever

Pain is an unfortunate part of this lupus life. The chronic nature of lupus often means living with loads of discomfort. Laughter, however, acts as a natural pain reliever for me. I learned early on my lupus journey when I laugh it makes me feel better. Science has proven that as we laugh, our bodies release endorphins. These natural chemicals can alleviate pain and enhance a person’s mood.

Personally, I've found that even during my toughest days, a good dose of laughter can provide me with temporary relief. It most definitely helps in making my pain more bearable. Laughter has become my powerful weapon against the physical discomfort that lupus brings.

Reducing stress and anxiety

Lupus is notorious for triggering stress and anxiety. The unpredictability of flares and the limitations they impose can be emotionally overwhelming. Laughter has been a remarkable stress buster in my life. It can reduce cortisol levels, the stress hormone. Reducing that stress hormone helps to promote relaxation. I’ve found laughter helps take the edge off of the stress lupus brings. Not to mention it makes it easier to cope with the anxiety that often accompanies lupus. I've discovered that making room for humor in my life has significantly reduced my stress levels. In general, laughter has improved my life.

Building stronger relationships

Dealing with lupus can be isolating. Friends and family haven’t always understood my daily challenges. This has strained some relationships. Laughter, however, has a wonderful way of bringing people together. Sharing a laugh with loved ones not only help me strengthen bonds but has also created a support system that is invaluable in managing my lupus.

Personally, I've found that humor and laughter have helped me bridge the communication gap. It has made it easier for my friends and family to empathize and provide the support I need.

Mental resilience

A point that is often overlooked is living with lupus requires mental resilience. Oftentimes, it’s about adapting to the unpredictability. Specifically, it’s about staying positive in the face of adversity. Laughter has become one of the most important tools in building my mental resilience. It has helped me shift my perspective. Laughter moves my focus to the bright side of life. As a result, I no longer dwell on the challenges I face.

Of course, I acknowledge the challenges and make sure to address them. But for me, laughter has been an essential part of me maintaining a positive outlook. By keeping my spirits high I have found it helps even when facing setbacks.

Incorporating laughter into daily life

Let me be clear, incorporating laughter into my daily life never means ignoring the realities of lupus. It's just about finding moments of joy and humor in the midst of the struggle. Here are a few practical ways I use to make laughter a part of my lupus journey:

  • Watch comedies. I always dedicate time to watch my favorite comedies or stand-up comedy shows that make me laugh until my stomach hurts.
  • Read funny books. Reading humorous books or comics have been a great way to escape into a world of laughter.
  • Laughter meditation. Laughter meditation is my unique way to combine deep breathing and laughter exercises. I begin with a breathing exercise then begin smiling through the breaths. From the smiles I just laugh until I am in a genuine laughter and can’t stop. This has offered me both physical and emotional benefits.
  • Socialize. I always spend time with friends and loved ones who make me laugh and share funny stories. My family and friends are usually the loudest in the room if I’m hospitalized. They are laughing and always trying to make me laugh.
  • Everyday humor. I attempt to find humor in everyday situations. Some of the things I have been through and still go through are really funny. Things like repeating myself several time sounding like a parrot when in a lupus flare crack me up. My family has taught me that it’s okay and that I don't need to take myself too seriously.

Quality of life

In short, laughter has emerged as one of the biggest healers for me. In my battle against lupus, it has become a source of my resilience. It has helped me manage pain, reduce stress, build stronger relationships, and maintain a positive outlook on life. While laughter cannot cure lupus, I believe it has significantly improved my quality of life. Ultimately it has made my lupus journey more bearable.

So, as you navigate the challenges of lupus, don't forget to embrace the healing power of laughter. It's a simple yet effective tool that can make a world of difference in your battle against this difficult disease.

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