Juggling Different Health Challenges in this Lupus Circus

As I stand in a lupus whirlwind of healthcare appointments, medication schedules, and symptom management strategies, I have become fully aware of the delicate balancing act that has become my life.

Like a circus performer juggling several knives and bowling pins, I find myself constantly adapting to the unpredictable twists and turns of my health. Each knife and pin juggled representing a different condition that demands my attention.

Lupus is the ringmaster

At the center of this juggling act stands lupus. My unwelcome companion for far too long. Lupus is the ringmaster of my chaotic circus. It ultimately orchestrates a symphony of symptoms. Symptoms that range from joint pain to fatigue to skin rashes.

As a result of being the demanding taskmaster, lupus constantly tests my limits. Moreover, it forces me to adjust my routines. Ultimately, it makes me accommodate to all its whims.

Other acts in my lupus circus

But lupus isn't the only act in this show. Alongside it, a host of other health conditions. Additionally, they also vie for my attention. Each with its own unique demands.

There's the lingering anxiety, the persistent digestive issues, and the occasional teeth and jaw pains that derails my carefully crafted plans. Each one adds another knife or pin to the juggling act.

As I stumble to keep it all together, it becomes increasingly challenging to maintain my concentration to juggle it all. The current acts in my lupus circus are just a bunch of performers. Performers that are pretty talented in the way they decide to rope me into their show.

Lingering anxiety

Notably, many people are never able to see how much anxiety comes with having lupus. There is constant unpredictability of flares and the impact on daily life. As a result, it can give rise to heightened stress levels. Couple all of that with the fear of the unknown and emotional toll of managing lupus, anxiety is truly heightened on a daily basis.

Digestive issues

Did you know stress can cause digestive problems? I believe I knew that but didn’t really understand it until my lupus diagnosis. The stress that lupus brings on my body definitely manifests in my digestive system. In fact, when I was first diagnosed lupus attacked my intestines. This ultimately led to my firm diagnosis.

Teeth and jaw pains

Another key point is how lupus has caused mouth sores and dry mouth. It's truly no surprise when teeth decay and jaw pain accompany one another. Mouth sores often affect my gums, roof of my mouth, inside of my cheeks, and even my lips.

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Furthermore, it is known that dry mouth can contribute to an increased risk of cavities, gum disease, and other oral health issues. With this in mind, my teeth often affect my jaw. Bringing on inflammation and stiffness. It becomes such a juggling act to try and keep all of my oral health issues intact.

Finding moments of stability

In detail, I often feel like I am an acrobat balancing a multitude of health challenges. Within the chaotic realm of my lupus circus, I’m juggling a cascade of health hurdles. Often times, my health transforms into a tightrope act. Ultimately becoming a delicate walk where every step demands careful consideration.

Working with my team

Above all, in the face of dealing with my lupus circus, taking care of my overall health is crucial. While it can feel overwhelming at times, it's important for me to remember that I’m not alone in this journey. I have my healthcare providers here to support me every step of the way. Furthermore, open communication, keeping track of my symptoms and setting regular appointments has been important.

Taking care of myself and working closely with my healthcare team has made a world of difference. I had to stop being afraid to ask for help and work to advocate for every health issue. To sum up, by taking an active part in my healthcare, I have been able to manage the lupus clowns in my lupus circus.

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