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Who Inspires Me?

There are plenty of people with lupus who inspire me. One person I admire and am truly inspired by the most is Toni Braxton. Why? She has had lupus for so many years and managed to survive through it all. She helps me embrace my alopecia even more than I ever had. When she had high insecurities, she did not let them show. She ended up birthing an autistic son, and she still managed to be a strong, powerful woman. After suffering a heart attack, she found out she had an autoimmune disease. She was diagnosed with lupus at the age of 48 years old.

Other celebrities with lupus

Selena Gomez also inspires me because she went through kidney failure and had to get a transplant. Even more brave is that her friend donated her kidney to her. Selena suffered this kidney failure in 2015. She showed even more how severe the disease was when she went worldwide to explain her condition, around the same time as Nick Cannon. Nick Cannon suffered from lupus bad in the beginning but he is blossoming right now.

Another celebrity with lupus is a man named Trick Daddy, and it mainly affects his skin. The one thing that is brave about him is that society made fun of his skin for the longest and still has not let people's opinions phase them.

My mother inspires me

The last person who motivates me the most is my mother. She was diagnosed with lupus before she had kids, and up until now, she has remained strong. She inspires me because she never lets her pain show. My mother sometimes would disappear, and we would not know that she was in the hospital. She would have had surgery and still would get up and cook and clean for us and never complained. When I ended up in the hospital due to kidney failure, my mother was never not there for me. She has always been by my side. She would do the jobs that the nurses, PCTs, and CNAs did not want to do for me. She would mop and change my sheets for me. She showed me how and why she became a nurse. She loves to care for people. My mother would be at work and overwork herself and flare-up. Doctors often told her to go to the emergency room and get meds in her system. She was never one to complain.

I am inspired by those who have been through more than me or the same as me. It makes me smile to see how they keep pushing forward. They would have had open-heart surgery and found out that they have lupus. Some would become amputees and still work full-time to take care of their families. To wake up every morning can be a challenge, so encouraging yourself to keep pushing or create that motivation to stay strong makes you a powerful person.

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