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Gift Guide For People With Chronic Illnesses

Finding gifts for others can be extremely hard. But, finding gifts for loved ones with chronic illness can be even harder. Here are my top 10 recommendations for any budget. These gifts are perfect for the holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries or just because you love them. I’m sure these gifts will put a smile on their face and brighten their day.

1. Adult coloring books

What better way to relax than an afternoon full of coloring? There are so many different types of coloring books and designs to choose from. Plus, you could pair this with a box of crayons, pencil colors, markers, etc. It’s a great way to relieve stress and still be creative.

2. Books/Audiobooks

There are some days when I just want to curl up on the couch with a nice book and get lost in a sea of words. Books can be used as a great way to escape and spend the day. When their eyes are too tired or if they want to multitask, audiobooks are great alternatives.

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3. Bath bombs

A great way to unwind and relax for the night. Bath bombs are a fun way to create an at-home spa environment at a low cost. Add in some calming music and they are ready for a night of peace and serenity. Added bonus if you get bath bombs with Epsom salt. These will help alleviate any aching muscles and joints.

4. Heating pads

This is an easy at-home form of heat therapy. This is perfect to help relieve aches from pain, muscle stiffness, and even cramps. There are so many kinds out there that can target specific body parts like the neck, back, hands, stomach, feet, etc. Major plus if it also includes a massager.

5. Plush throw blanket

Plush throw blankets are easy to throw on your couch or on your bed. This can add an extra layer of warmth and add some decoration to any room. This gift is perfect for those with anemia who get super cold easily.

6. Pillbox organizer

Unfortunately many chronic illness patients take multiple medications and sometimes it gets hard to remember what meds we need to take, at what time, and if we actually took them. It’s exhausting to keep track. Pill organizers are a great way to keep track of their medications and they can clearly see whether it's been taken for the day or not.

7. Compression socks

Not very fashionable but the benefits are great. They improve blood flow, ease swelling in your legs and feet, and can help decrease the chances of getting deep vein thrombosis. These are perfect, especially on a long flight.

8. Food subscription plans

Cooking can be very time-consuming from doing the grocery shopping to the prep time to the actual cooking. There are many out there to choose from and you can customize their meal plan whether they are vegetarian, wanting to try keto, etc. The food is prepped and delivered to their door and all they have to do is heat it up. Food subscription plans can cut the time in half and any amount of time saved will leave more time for rest.

9. Journals

There’s something about writing your thoughts and looking back on them. A reflection of what went on whether it be the ups or down. Writing can be very cathartic and a good way to start or end their day. It’s also a great way to remember those little details that we tend to forget.

10. Homemade coupons

Personalized coupons are good for XYZ. You can create a booklet and write whatever your heart desires. Breakfast in bed, a foot rub, a shopping trip to the mall, or the movies. The possibilities are endless. They then can redeem whenever they choose.

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