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Money Woes and Lupus

It's gotten so hard these days to look at my bank account. With the rising cost of everything, living in NYC plus doctors visits, medications, lab work, etc. It's really taken a toll on my bank account. Growing up, I never imagined having to set a budget aside just for all these health issues. I thought I would save up more for a down payment or a fun vacation. But, sadly, lupus had other plans in my life. At times it's been so frustrating to see all the things add up.

Healthcare costs add up with lupus

These healthcare costs are needs that I must have. I need to see my doctor. I need to take my medications. I need to do my lab work and urinalysis. On top of that, I don't just see one doctor. I see multiple doctors multiple times a year. There is also an extra cost of getting to and from these places as well. Being sick is such a burden. But, I am grateful to have a job that provides me with good insurance. I can only imagine how much more everything would cost without it.

I envy healthy people sometimes—the privilege of seeing a primary care physician once a year for a yearly follow-up. A one-time yearly added cost. No need for medications. No extra visits. Just set it and forget it type of feeling. I would give anything for that again. But, sadly, I know my lupus isn't going to go away. It's a burden that I will have to live with for the rest of my life.

Tips for managing lupus costs

So, because of that, I'm come up with ways to save more money. Here are my top 5 tips.


I can't remember the last time I shopped for clothes in a store or online. The fact that I also work from home has helped tremendously on this as well. But, when I am itching to buy a new outfit, I will never buy brand new. There are so many amazing finds at the thrift store.

Cooking at home

Before getting sick, I was guilty of buying lunch/dinner or sometimes both almost daily. But eating out can add up. So, I've been buying groceries in bulk and cooking food at home more frequently. It's so much cheaper and also much healthier.

Canceling automatic subscriptions and memberships

I used to be subscribed to many things. Initially, they would always have those promo deals for new customers, like 6 months free or 25 percent off if you sign up for 2 years. I always told myself to cancel before the price increased. But, I always kept forgetting. But, after getting sick. I had to buckle down and cancel the ones I no longer used. With those canceled services, I was able to save even more.

Stop buying wants

With commercials on TVs and ads popping up as we scroll our phones, there were so many new items I wanted to buy. Sometimes when I bought these items, I would use them once and then forget about them. I knew I couldn't continue this cycle. So, I was very hard on myself, and whenever I wanted to buy anything new, I asked myself do I NEED this, or is this a want. If I didn't need it, I wouldn't buy it.

Set up autosave

Setting this up with my bank was so easy, and I wish I had done this sooner. Just set the amount you want to save, and every month like clockwork, a portion of your money will be set aside. It's a great way to save and just let the savings keep on building up.

How are you saving money? What other tips and tricks have you learned on your lupus journey regarding handling finances?

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