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10 Gifts People With Lupus Would Like to Receive

These gifts may not be available at your local department store, but they are what many chronically ill people want more than anything.

Gift wish list for people living with lupus

Lupus pain relief

Chronic pain can be a nightmare and it would be a gift to have 100 percent pain relief. We want our doctors to believe us and treat our pain appropriately – especially during flare-ups.

A day full of energy

Imagine what you could do if you felt energized for an entire day? No pacing, no crashing – just a day where you have enough get-up-and-go to do whatever you want.

A delicious meal with no work involved

Forget shopping, prep work, and clean up. I’m asking for my favorite meal just the way I like it.

Support and encouragement

If you’re looking for something nice for your loved one with lupus, a little support can go a long way. Read up on their condition, ask how you can help them out today, and listen to them talk about how things are going. You can show you care by validating their feelings and offering comfort when they need it.

A truly peaceful night

A good night’s sleep can be elusive when you have lupus. I want to fall asleep right away, sleep deeply the whole night long, and wake up feeling refreshed. That would be more valuable than any gift card you could give me.

A lupus treatment with no side effects

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for my medications. But the side effects range from annoying to unbearable. As long as I have to take meds to manage my lupus, I’m always going to be wishing for one with zero side effects.

Clear skin

From rashes to lesions, there are plenty of ways that lupus can upset your skin. Some lupus medications, like prednisone, can cause an outbreak of acne. It would be refreshing to have clear, healthy-looking skin that you can show off to the world without feeling the slightest bit uncomfortable.

Beautiful hair

Lupus makes things hard on your hair, too. It can make it fall out – or your meds can – or become totally dull and unmanageable. It can even thin out your eyelashes or eyebrows.

Hair loss can feel devastating and embarrassing, but it’s also a total pain. I spend way too much time picking up clumps of hair, trying to detangle frizzy curls, and styling my hair in a way that hides just how thin it’s gotten. Some people may think it’s a bit superficial, but I don’t – I want to enjoy fabulous hair again.

Perfect weather

This means something a little different for each of us. I like really hot weather and clear days. Some people prefer it when it's cooler or cloudy. Perfect weather means whatever makes you the most comfortable and happy symptom-wise. I think we can all agree that no one wants a big storm system that causes shifts in barometric pressure.

A lupus cure

This would be the best gift of all. It’s likely at the top of everyone’s wish lists. A cure would mean that all the things I’ve already listed would probably be resolved and we’d get to live our lives with fewer restrictions. Join me in hoping, praying, wishing, and advocating for the best gift in the world – a cure for lupus.

What is on your wish list?

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