Coping With Frequent UTIs and Lupus

I started to research everything I could about UTIs as I realized that I needed to do something fast! I read about cranberry juice and tablets which I had previously tried but it did nothing at all to help me. (Read Coping With Frequent UTIs, Part 1)

I also tried something called D-mannose which is believe it or not a form of sugar related to glucose. It has reports of great results for many people but sadly not for me.

I was also starting to suffer from really bad thrush after each course of antibiotics. I seemed to be trapped in a cycle of it. My tummy was also taking a hit as I have digestive issues as part of my lupus.

What was causing my UTI?

I just didn’t know what was causing it? Was it my fault? Was I eating the wrong foods or could it be linked to taking steroids? I was driving myself crazy trying to work it all out. I tried adjusting my diet but that didn’t seem to help.

I was getting on average, an infection every 4-6 weeks. I would end up feeling too scared to go out anywhere in case an infection reared its ugly head. I was also starting to worry that the antibiotics would no longer work.

I ended up having kidney scans, a cystoscopy which was rather unpleasant and I saw 3 different urologists but none of them could work out why I was getting so many infections apart from having a complicated immune system.

Finally, some relief from my frequent UTIs

At one of my appointments one day I was speaking to a nurse and she suggested something called colloidal silver. She told me that she used to suffer from frequent UTIs until she started taking them. My urologist gave me his blessing to give it a try.

Colloidal silver is claimed as being a natural antibiotic. It’s a liquid made up of tiny silver particles in purified distilled water.

I had nothing to lose so I found out the best quality brand to buy. I waited for the next time when I could feel the symptoms coming on and started taking it.

I was amazed that by the next morning I was starting to feel better. I continued to take it and it had completely cleared up within 2 days. I was so elated that it had helped me.

The key for me is to take it when I first start to feel the symptoms coming on and I’ve become very good at that!

My last infection was a year ago! I still don't drink alcohol and I try to drink 1.5 liters of water a day just to flush out my bladder but I’m in a much better place than I was. It is important to remember to talk to your doctor about any new or ongoing symptoms, as well as any new treatments.

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