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Finding the Humor in My Life Beyond Lupus

There are times on my lupus journey where I just can’t stop laughing at myself. Some of the things that go on in my life with lupus can really send me into giggle fits. Before I go on, know that I understand lupus is a serious and chronic condition. I deal with it every single day. But that doesn't mean I have to lose my sense of humor. In fact, laughter has been a powerful medicine for me to cope with the challenges and stress of living with lupus.

Let me give you some examples of finding humor with lupus.

Laughter and lupus

Brain fog

Brain fog is a common symptom of lupus that can cause confusion, forgetfulness, and difficulty concentrating. It can be frustrating and embarrassing, but it has also been a source of amusement for me.

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Like the time I forgot where I parked my car and spent half an hour looking for it. Only to realize all I had to do was click my panic button to find it. Then when I realized that, press the button only to be standing right next to it.

Or how about when I called my husband by the dog’s name and called my dog by my husband’s name. I meant what I said and thought I was right in my name calling.

Then there are times where I mix up words or say something completely nonsensical. I mean how could the 18-wheeler still move with one tire blown. *ha ha ha*

All of this and I can still stand in the middle of a room and forget what I was doing or why I entered a room if the first place. Talk on the phone, as I tell the person on the phone, I can’t find my phone. Then search for my glasses that are on top of my head so I can find the phone in my hand. (Insert confused emoji, LOL.)

Taking the time to just look around and figure it all out is a skill, right?

The ultimate is when I lose track of time or dates. Showing up to the wrong doctor on the wrong date has been quite consistent.

Steroid munchies

I remember being on high doses of steroids and being a complete goofball. Steroids can help reduce inflammation and pain in lupus. However, it can also cause some unpleasant side effects, such as weight gain, mood swings, insomnia, and increased appetite. I have found myself craving foods that I normally didn’t like or eating more than usual. This was very annoying and unhealthy, but it was also funny.

My family didn’t know what to do with me. I would eat a whole pizza by myself and still feel hungry. I’d raid the fridge that same night at 3 am and eat anything I could find. I swear cucumbers, raisins and peanut butter never tasted so good.

Additionally, I would have sudden urges to eat the weirdest things. It was like I was pregnant. I’d eat pickles and ice cream or other weird combinations like Cheetos and hot sauce.  And then, eat the kid's snacks or steal their candy.

One time I ordered food online and forget that I already ordered food and ordered some more. I was way out of control and would laugh every time something like that would happen because I really couldn't avoid it. Thank goodness I am not on steroids currently, so those episodes aren’t happening anymore.

Forgetting medication

At times I feel like taking medication is a cruel joke. How am I supposed to remember to take all this new crap? Taking medication is an important part of managing lupus and preventing flares. However, sometimes even I forget to take my medication or take it twice by mistake. This can be dangerous and harmful. Thank goodness for me it has only been funny situations.

Have you ever set multiple alarms or reminders to take your medication and still forget? I have and still do. It’s the most common issue I face. Or taking medication and then forget that I took it and take it again. Good thing those were medications that two were supposed to be taken or it wouldn’t have been too funny ending up in the ER.

I have even taken the wrong medication like pain meds instead of my regular lupus meds. Then I’d be sleepy and ready to get in the bed with a bunch of things to do.

How about the time I thought I left my medication at home when I traveled only to find it in strange places, such as the fridge or the trash. I could only stand and laugh shaking my head asking myself, what was I thinking when I put that there?

You're not alone

Instead of worrying or blaming myself, I have tried to laugh at myself and the silliness of the situation. What’s funny is that all the lupus mishaps, I have found, don’t just happen to me. I often can talk with others who have lupus where the same things have happened, and they can empathize. They sometimes have some funny stories of their own to make me feel like I’m not alone.

Finding humor with lupus

Finding the humor with lupus is not easy, but it is possible. Laughter helps me cope with stress, pain, and being down during lupus flares. I've learned it can also lower blood pressure and improve mood. So, I try not to allow lupus to take away my smile. Finding ways to laugh every day and enjoy life beyond lupus is so important to me to get through some difficult moments.

The next time something off the cuff happens to you on this journey, instead of getting angry or upset, try to laugh at yourself and the absurdity of the situation. You will be amazed at how it will change your reaction to lupus.

What's the funniest thing that has happened to you on your lupus journey? Let me know in the comments.

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