Products that Make Life with Lupus Easier

Life with lupus can be unpredictable, inconvenient, and exhausting. Because I live with daily chronic fatigue, everyday tasks that are easy for other people are not so easy for me. Cleaning is exhausting, so my house is never as neat as I want it to be. Because I have issues with my short-term memory, I frequently misplace objects and lose things in my own house. And my constant hair loss isn’t the best for my shower drain. Fortunately, I’ve found products that make my life with lupus a little easier.

Some of these help me keep my house clean with minimal effort. Others help me to stay organized. And some of these products help me change my environment and eliminate disease triggers. While I’ll always have lupus, I’m fortunate to have discovered the following products that reduce its impact on my life.

Making my life easier with fatigue


Between Plaquenil, two different types of immunosuppressants, allergy medication, and Seroquel for sleep, I take about 90 pills a week. Keeping seven different prescription bottles on my night stand makes my bedroom look cluttered. In addition, taking my pills directly from the bottles each night increases the likelihood of either forgetting a pill or accidentally double-dosing. Instead, I use a pill organizer. You can pick a plastic one up from CVS or Walmart for less than $10. I personally love and use a cute pillfold created by lupus patient and businesswoman Sara Gorman.

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Robot vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming is one of the most exhausting household chores. Rather than using a traditional vacuum, I use a robot vacuum instead. Roombas are one the most popular brands of robot vacuum. However, they’re also expensive. Fortunately, you can find an off-brand vacuum that’s just as good. I purchased my vacuum, an I-Life 4, on Amazon for about $150. It cleans rugs and my vinyl floor effectively and rarely gets stuck.

Tub shroom

Because hair loss is a symptom of my lupus, I used to clog my shower drain at least once a month. This was inconvenient and messy to fix. The excessive amount of Draino I was forced to use also wasn’t healthy for my plumbing. Since switching from a traditional drain cover to a "Tub Shroom", I haven’t had to use a plastic snake or Draino even once. This plastic mushroom-shaped contraption catches my hair before it reaches the pipes. It only takes me a few seconds to remove the hair and reinsert the Tub Shroom.

Window tint

Like many lupus patients, I’m sensitive to sunlight. Being near a window or outside when it’s sunny can make me feel exhausted, nauseous, and dizzy in a matter of minutes. To protect myself from UV rays, I use a window tint.

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Blackout curtains

I chose my current living situation because of the beautiful natural light. Then I developed sensitivity to sunlight this summer. A good pair of UV-blocking curtains keeps the sun out and my symptoms under control.

Bed storage caddy

Like many lupus patients, I have days when getting out of bed is a struggle. Even when I do my best to eat right, exercise, and go to bed on time, I still sometimes wake up with overwhelming fatigue or nausea and a headache. I use a "bedside pocket" storage caddy to keep what I need beside me when I have a bad day. It fits between my mattress and box springs. In it I keep bottled water, a can of V8 juice, some bendy straws, and a book.

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