Your Pain Is Fake

"Your pain is fake." That's what I hear when it comes to me complaining about lupus pain. Does it hurt to have lupus? Yes, in most moments. I can't say that I will be okay every morning to hop out of the bed and take off running.

I have to set an alarm two hours before work and I work from home. Why? Because my body is in pain from the first moment I wake up. I have to get my body to wake up before I decide to get up. Then I have people that try and make me do things, and throw it back in my face asking why am I in that much pain.

Pain medication judgment

I have had different types of healthcare professionals treat health issues as if they were a joke or being faked.

I went to the emergency room one time because I was having a flare up, and they prescribed me a pain medication. Because I asked what the medication I was receiving was, I was treated as if I was an addicted patient (and I was not). I don't even have any pain medication at home, except for Tylenol.

Think about it though, if a person is crying in pain why would you think they are faking it? I have had someone at a hospital do a full drug screen panel on me, and literally it came back clean - and then I was prescribed pain medicine. They just say, oh this is something we have to do.

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I understand if you suspect someone is lying, trying to claim they are not an addict when there is evidence. Some people try and treat me as if I'm uneducated, but common sense is common sense.

Judgment from friends

I have had deep connections with people that fell off, all because of the pain that I am in. If we plan a vacation, I might not make the trip due to me getting sick and being in pain. I might have to let them go have fun first, and I'll show up later because I am in pain. Some friends don't understand that.

I will always want to be invited even if they feel like I might say no or cancel. I can not control my body and what happens the day of the event. But I expect friends to be understanding because they have watched me go through the turmoil so why not be considerate of my lupus pain.

Being told by someone that you're exaggerating pain levels can end a friendship so quickly.

Being honest about pain

Think about cancer patients, autoimmune patients, and more who are treated poorly for being honest about pain. One doctor told me, I am trying to understand because we treat your condition with steroids.

I had to let her know, "yes ma'am, which causes another health issue because I have onset osteoporosis due to high steroid use and now I am in pain when I walk. Because of the steroid use I lack tissue between my bones."

When it's cold I hurt. If I do too much I hurt. If I stress too much, there is pain.

If they are trying to get people from being addicted to pain medication, they need to find another route.

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