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4 Ways To Earn More Money as a Lupus Warrior

As a lupus warrior I'm always checking two things. I have an app to check all things health related, and then my bank accounts to check how much money I have. With the increasing cost of everyday items like rent, gas and food it has been a burdensome feeling trying to budget every month.

Thankfully I'm still able to work full time but with inflation and extra medical bills, I've been on the hunt on ways to save and make more money. My husband and I are also saving for a down payment for a house and living in NYC makes that goal even harder.

Here are some ways that I've been able to save and add more income over the years.

Extra income with lupus

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I never realized how much stuff I had piled up until I start deep cleaning. I usually do a deep clean every season. Some were items that were gifts that were never used or clothes that just didn't fit anymore. I just kept holding on because I thought maybe one day I would lose that weight and it would fit again. A lot of things also held sentimental value and I just couldn't let go. But eventually I realized that I could let go and sell these items.

I first started taking some clothes to thrift stores and when the price was right, a deal was made. When the weather was nice we would also do garage sales so we could sell bigger things like TVs or furniture. But that was really exhausting so we moved over to online selling.

Thankfully now there are so many apps that you can just take a picture and price your item, and boom you are selling online. The sales online would be sporadic but it was a great way to declutter.

As they say: one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

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Participating in clinical research

There is so much to learn about lupus, and because we live with it we are the most knowledgeable. There are so many research studies out there that want to hear our voices and wants us to give them feedback. Whether it may be the instructions or the packaging of a new drug. There is also so much to learn genetically that many studies ask for blood samples or biopsy samples. We normally already do these so they might just take another vial or use any left over samples for their research.

I've participated in several research studies and the best thing about some is that they pay for our time and effort. It is great to know you are making a difference while also getting paid. Many studies that can be found online or even through your doctor.

Please note that you do not have to participate in a clinical trial where a new drug is involved. I know many people are worried about risks. But, there are many studies that just have surveys or interviews and is strictly just observational and can be done just on your computer.

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Get crafty

If you are creative you can create an assortment of things and sell them online. Many people create stickers, t-shirts, hoodies, books, cups, and more. The possibilities are endless.

If you are a graphic designer you can create an original work of art and replicate the process again and again. With social media its so easy to advertise and get repeat customers.

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Open a high yield savings account

Major big banks have the worst rates when it comes to savings. They typically are only 1 percent or less which means you're basically making nothing off of your money in there. But there are high yield savings account the interest rate can range from 3 to 5 percent, which can make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things.

It adds up

Just by doing these things I have managed to add in a couple of thousand dollars a year and every penny counts. What are some things you have done to add some extra income?

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