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My Daughter Ava Turned 1

Ava has turned 1, and she has become more active than anything. She has shown me the better person that I could be. When I am sick with lupus, I get up every morning and put on a mask for her, and keep pushing. She does not understand when mommy is in pain, and I understand. Therefore, women should be celebrated even more. Especially with autoimmune diseases. When I had gotten pregnant with her, I was scared I was going to lose her that I made sure I ate healthy, until the end. I made sure I was always on the move even when COVID hit. I would walk around my house and get my exercise in.

Lupus after childbirth

When I had my daughter, she kept me active and alert even when I felt like I could not keep it pushing. After I had her, I had a major flare-up that left me in bed for almost 2 days. I was so happy she was a newborn, so I was able to sleep with her, relax, and heal. I am so happy to have the supportive spouse that I have because he is completely helpful with our daughter. He does not question it; he just takes control and helps me with her. Sometimes I use to feel like a burden for him until he told me I was not.

Watching my daughter grow

Over time she became more active and getting into things that I cannot even catch her doing in the act. She would hurry up and eat something and I am like, "little girl what have you just placed in your mouth?" She laughs at me and just keeps going on about her business. When I am sick, she just wants to cuddle underneath me and rubs my face but when I got COVID, I become scared that I have something and could pass it on to her. She is my heart, and I would not want anything to happen to her and it is my fault that it happened. I could not stomach that feeling.

Ava's 1st birthday

So, for her first birthday, I took her to my mother in Atlanta first and celebrated her birthday a week before her actual birthday and she really enjoyed it. Then we came back home, and I cooked her dinner and bought her a cake, and celebrated her birthday with my husband’s mother on her actual birthday. She is advancing, saying words like dada and mama when she feels like it. Her temper tantrums are coming in also. I can reflect on the time that she was born around this time last year and all the loss that I went through, she was one of the best things that have gotten me through it. Now that I am a parent, I have better days coming and I am trying to make my dreams come true, so she knows it's possible.

Celebrating her milestones

On Mother’s Day, I took her to the zoo for the first time and she was amazed. I would not be surprised if she took off running because she kept wanting to get down and walk. She saw the monkeys, lions, and the rhino, and went crazy. The next thing I want to do is take her to the aquarium so she can enjoy herself and think she is underwater or something. I have had the best experiences with her. When she starts walking, I will not exaggerate so she will get scared, but she definitely will be celebrated for her milestones.

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