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Sun & Lupus

What's the best sunscreen ,I currently have Sun Bum and am going to the Dominican .

  1. , That's a hard question to answer, just because everyone's body is different and therefore reacts differently to various products! The sunscreen that I have found to be most powerful and effective is Supergoop, but I will admit it's a pretty pricey option as far as sunscreens go. As someone who burns very easily it's been very helpful for me. Hope this helps. Have fun on your trip!
    Gabby (team member)

    1. it's kind of hard to say. I've had to try many to find which one works for me. I do know that 50 SPF of more works best to help keep lupus warriors safe. ~Racquel~ team member

      1. Oh for sun burn I've used aloe vera to help. But I have had sun poisoning too so make sure you confer with your doctor. ~Racquel~ team member

        1. I hate sunscreen it feels like a layer of plastic on my face, but that probably got something to do with me getting hot flushes re menopause. I use once a day because you have to apply 30 minutes before going out and each application only lasts 2 hours maximum. Even once a day needs reapplying in hot weather. It's called ultrasun from QVC. I've also tried P50 which is excellent.
          I recently invested in some really good sunhats with UV protection and a couple of UV umbrellas, this and staying indoors in the summer and watching the weather forecast for periods where I could go out has helped a lot and I think really good hats and the umbrella is better for me than sunscreen.
          One point I can't go out for even 20 seconds without protection otherwise my scalp flares up and I need to use steroid liquid, so each time I go to put something in the bin, it's a hat. I also react to artificial lights, florescent and halogen, warm spectrum LEDs are ok, look at the fultrum scale and buy the warm end.

          1. , Thanks for sharing those tips and what works for you! It's so important to practice skin safety in the sun, especially when you're battling lupus. Glad you found something that works better for you!
            Gabby (team member)

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