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State disability

How do you all feel about State disability?

I’m trying for myself, but was turned down two times . I will be seeing a judge in June

I also been in out of the hospital for the past five years. I get well by doctor says you could go back to work. I’ll go back to work and then three weeks later I’m back in the same situation with flareups getting sick. I need a good year to work on my health and my body and mind .

Where I can stay in remission and not have other medical problems also pop up
I need to work on my health and then I can go back to work strong and not sick
And last at my job years or so
And not 3 weeks .

There are people who get disability? Over there back
And here we are sick. I can’t get Disability for Lupus . disease. or any immune disease

People who needed don’t get it and the ones who don’t need it get it

The system broken

Please give me feed back
Thank you

  1. ,
    Thanks for reaching out. There has been much discussion in this community about disability benefits as well as applying for and qualifying. I do hope some of our members will chime in here with their personal experiences. In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few articles that may provide some helpful information: and In addition, I'm including these two links (part one and part two) from one of our Health Leaders who shares her disability journey process: and
    Wishing you all the best, Doreen (Team Member)

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