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Sores and rash - could this be lupus?

Hi there - new here and looking for input. I’ve long been suffering with a variety of ailments - endometriosis when I was younger, chronic migraines, fibromyalgia, reynauds (though it’s mild and well controlled). For years, I’ve been mentioned these ‘itchy bumps’ to my doctors and getting what I call the ‘hairy eyeball’ - just an eye roll. They’ve always been tiny little bumps -like a single hive - that itch like crazy release a clear liquid when they break and then take ages to heal. They usually happen singly. For a long time, they were happening in my nose. Lately on my scalp. This week, I had a break out and have a lot of them on my legs and back that are much larger - more angry pimple size, but flatter and super itchy. I’ve also noticed any sun exposure is super uncomfortable and makes me itchy and that parts of my skin look sunburned. Does this sound like lupus sore? My docs tend to disregard me me because my symptoms, though life changing, aren’t super dramatic - no red, swollen joints to show them. I’m just quietly becoming more and more depleted and disabled with general muscle pain and extreme fatigue. Thanks for reading.

  1. , I am so sorry you have been living with all this pain and discomfort without answers. It's hard to say definitively if what you are experiencing is lupus, without the right diagnostic test. That being said, the conditions you are diagnosed with, often can go hand-in-hand with lupus ( There are also a huge variety of skin-related concerns with lupus that could be related to what you are experiencing ( Some people with lupus also get ulcers on their nose or mouth ( Have you been able to meet with a Rheumatologist that specializes in lupus to try some of the diagnostic tests to figure out if you are living with lupus? Sadly, for so many, it takes years of being dismissed and not taken seriously by other doctors before they get some real answers and treatment! I hope you are able to get some clarity and support soon! Let us know how it goes. Sending hugs,
    Gabby (team member)

    1. Thanks for taking the time to chat, Gabby. I was on a bit of a doctor strike for awhile as I felt like I was being brushed off. The tiny blister sores were never taken seriously and lupus has never been raised as a possibility. But with these larger sores appearing, I have made an appointment with my family doc for this week. I have an appt with my rheum in a couple of months and will see what he thinks as well.

      1. , I totally get that. It feels like you're constantly hitting a brick wall when doctors are dismissing you and not taking your concerns seriously! It's frustrating that you have to wait SO long for an appointment with a Rheumatologist, but I hope they are able to get you some real answers! Keep us in the loop!
        Gabby (team member)

    2. Saw the doc today and she reassured me that the rash didn’t look like the lupus rashes she’s seen. She gave me a short term prednisone to get me through and is running more bloodwork. I’ve gotten fairly good pics this time, so will share them with my rheum when I see him. When I mentioned feeling like a hypochondriac because I keep having to go in, but that my Fibro body keeps throwing things at me, she was quite a bit more sympathetic. Thanks again for your kindness. It helped get me through the weekend! 💜

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