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Why I Tried Ketamine for My Depression

Treating depression can be a complicated journey. Not every medication works for every person, and the process of finding the right treatment can be grueling. People with treatment-resistant depression, or those who cannot tolerate typical anti-depressants, often need to search for alternative treatments.

I found myself unable to tolerate several anti-depressants because they worsened my already severe dryness from lupus and Sjögren’s. I hit some scary lows with my depression and decided to try using low-dose ketamine.

Ketamine, depression, and lupus pain

I’m grateful that I tried ketamine, despite the cost and difficulty of access, because it’s taken me on a powerfully introspective and helpful journey over the past 4 months. It’s helped with my depression as well as my chronic migraines. It's also coincided with a significant decrease in my lupus joint pain and flare-ups, but I’m not sure yet if it’s the reason for the decrease.

Watch this video to learn more about my decision to try ketamine for depression and my experience with it so far.


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