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How I Cover My Dark Circles with Makeup

Lupus is an invisible illness. I don't walk with a limp, need a wheelchair, or show any of the typical physical signs most people associate with disability. My pain almost never shows, no matter how sick I feel inside. But my fatigue makes itself known with the dark circles under my eyes.

Lupus and makeup

I don't always choose to cover my dark circles. Part of me feels frustrated at my physical appearance not matching how I feel inside. However, a different part of me sometimes wants to look pretty and made up. When I choose to, I can cover the dark circles under my eyes in a few quick steps. All I need is some eye cream, foundation, and a beauty blender. In this video, I show exactly what steps I take to hide my dark circles, as well as share how much each product cost.

Always remember: you are beautiful and worthy, with dark circles or not!

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