Sick, Tired and Beyond Fed Up

I've been off work since March. Spent a lot of time back and forth to the doctor. The first few times they completely kept blowing me off and passing between clinic doctors.

My initial diagnosis

Then I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my c1 vertebrae and rheumatoid arthritis in my c5 and c6 vertebrae. Nothing serious they said. At this time I had had a constant migraine for over a month.

Not feeling taken seriously

After get fed up with this clinic not taking my pain seriously I went to the emergency room with an access tooth and a rash on my face. They said I could possibly have lupus with all my symptoms. So, I got another doctor, who said it was just my tooth. After having said tooth pulled my face still swelled up and the butterfly rash continued to make its appearance.

My symptoms

I was sleeping off and all day completely exhausted from doing nothing. I can't be in sunlight, heat or certain types of lightening because it makes everything worse. My body temperature will cause me to be so hot (it's still not under control) I have allergic reactions to foods I've eaten my entire life, I get swelling and blisters in my mouth and on my lips, I sometimes black out, my joints hurts so bad in my back and legs that I have to use a walker and shower chair, my throat swells almost all the way shut when I get hot, my lower legs and hands freeze, I have dizzy spells, sometime I walk and starting leaning to one side, I have fog in my vision sometimes, the brain fog is ridiculous, I literally can't remember words and what I'm doing, my hair and teeth are falling out. Anyways these among other symtoms continue to occur randomly.

Negative ANA test...

I've told my current doctor. She ran a lupus (ana test) and it came back negative. She put me on amitriptylin and no more appointments for 4 months. When I requested my medical records for work they said my only symptom was photosensitivity. She had wrote nothing down about anything else that was going on with me. NOTHING!!! Now my job thinks I'm just not wanting to work. I'm frustrated and not sure what to do. The medicine hasn't helped much if any. Any suggestions???

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