Living With Lupus

I'm 35 years old was diagnosed with lupus April 2002.

High school

I had move from a regular high school and go to a school where I could work at my own pace. Got through high graduated the year I was supposed to in 2004. Right when I though I would be able to go off to college to be an orthopedic surgeon. Boom my lupus got worse I ended up in the hospital for months at a time.

Community College

I then tried community college but that failed due to having to have surgery on both my knees and hips. Thanks to the steroids deteriorating my bones, I had surgery ended up in hospital then was limited at what I could do.

Additional medical conditions

From then on it seems like year after year I have a new medical diagnosis. Lupus has made a big change in my life. I've always wanted kids. But being told it's high risk with several complications. Lupus really sucks.

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