Shopping Day Cut Short

One time that still stands out to me is when it had only been a few months when I was told I had Lupus.

Something felt off

I was shopping with a dear friend. She didn't drive, so I picked her up. It was out of my way, but she's a good friend so that was fine. We were in our favorite store when I started to feel "funny." I told her that something was wrong. We found some chairs to sit for awhile, but it didn't help. I finally told her I needed to take her home. She didn't want me driving to the other side of town then back to my home.

She called her daughter to pick her up. I waited with her then I drove home. When I arrived, I went straight to my bedroom, didn't even take off my shoes, flopped on my bed then fell into a deep sleep.

Symptoms of fatigue

When I awoke I felt lethargic like I had been drugged. It took a while longer to get myself together. I then called my friend to apologize for our short shopping trip. She brushed that aside and inquired how I was feeling.

This was the first time that happened and not the last, and I was embarrassed.

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