My Humbling Moment

March 2020 was the last time I worked as a critical care nurse. Covid came knocking on our doors.

The stress of being a “high-risk" nurse

Because of my age, 72, my nursing director felt I should take a leave of absence because I was in a high risk category. One leave of absence followed another, and I thought, is this the end of my nursing career? I was also a triathlete, so I took all my stress out by biking, running, and swimming. In June 2020, I retired with 700 other employees.

Lupus symptoms began

The first week in December, my symptoms began, severe back spasms, shoulder and upper arm pain, and neck pain. In February 2021, my feet swelled up and became numb, cold, and icy. I was also becoming very weak. My primary physician told me to go to the ER. I was admitted. Cat scans revealed bilateral pneumonia, clot in my left lung, inflamed gallbladder, elevated liver enzymes, & I couldn’t walk. My diagnosis was Lupus. So I thought... how great.

Learning to adjust to life with lupus

At that point, I really wished I could’ve spoken to someone. It’s been a long journey and I have learned so much. I am in remission and power walking.

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