My Bad!

I was officially diagnosed in 1994 with Lupus, Sjogrens, RA and Fibro...although we knew I'd had it all my life.

Unexplained infections

Very sick child with doctors scratching their heads with no answers as to why I was always so sick. I'd have periods of feeling great, no issues for years, then the bomb dropped and I'd be sick with infection after infection not knowing what or why.

Blame lupus for everything

Then in 2002 I started having new symptoms, and Lupus of course was blamed for everything! In late 2003, I got diagnosed with MS. So honestly I sort of put Lupus on the back burner.

Extreme fatigue and kidney issues

Was doing pretty good up to about 18 months ago. Extremed fatigue I've never felt before. I'm high energy and for just a little to drop was very noticiable. Kept complaining about it getting worse. My old doctor of 9 yrs moved to Arizona and got stuck with a PA who didn't listen well... anyways, long story short I had a UTI he ignored for 2 months. I went into the walk-in in mid February for an infection in my face and got antibiotics for that, and finally my kidneys and bladder were hurting so bad and not able to go, well I got antibiotics for that too.

Here it is May and I find out, after a bunch of tests and ultra sounds, I have a mass on my right kidney. My blood platlets have been climbing off the charts for nearly 2 years and get sent to a Rheumatologist who informs me its not MS but Sjogrens and Lupus. I'm in a really bad flare up.

Cancer is detected

Well once again, more tests, and now I'm told still in a bad flare, cancer has been detected! Wow... now I'm waiting on more tests and a Urology appointment to find out if the mass on my kidney is the culprit for cancer.

Encouragement for others

I tell you its been a long journey... lol. But my journey isn't done yet... far from it. I do my best to enjoy each and every day the Lord blesses me with.

So my friends, just try to enjoy the days you have, and appreciate what you do have.

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