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Me and Lupus

Hello I’m Gina. I was diagnosed with Lupus in 1999. I told my doctor between me, him, and God, we will handle this.

I went through months of joint pain, getting medication adjusted. My rheumatologist says I have Lupus Arthritis. I have arthritis in my back. I go to pain management to help with my pain. I get shots in my lower back that does help with the pain for a few months, then I repeat the process.

"I handle lupus, it does not handle me"

I have had both knees replaced and my left hip. I was on Benlasta for about a year, but it caused me to be depressed, so my doctor took me off. I’m now 65, I handle lupus, it does not handle me. Most days I have pain somewhere, but I don’t complain. I only take opioid medication when I just can’t manage the pain, Tylenol usually helps.

My husband helps me out a lot. Family members on my father’s side also have Lupus. My two sisters don’t have it, like me they read a lot of information on Lupus and share. I have Lupus.

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