Once upon a virus fright

Hey, I have had lupus since my teens and I am in my late fifties now! I also have PTSD and so many other things it’s ridiculous! But I have home health and the nurse got sick 😷 and they didn’t even notify me or my caregiver until she was well!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness really??? Now that they are not sure about that new and “improved “ virus 🦠 my insurance Counselor said that since we are in stage five also that it’s best not to have my nursing staff since they have been careless anyway and they see so many people! So they increased the hours of my caregiver! Thank goodness 😅 because you know that with lupus so many symptoms match COVID-19!! Yes, you know what?! It’s not funny at all!! I have so many panic attacks every day that I feel like I am going to die!! I mean 😪 constantly I am freaking out wondering if it’s COVID-19 or my lupus or something like that?! I am overwhelmed with nervous 😩 thoughts and I don’t know how to get it to stop 🛑! Yes, I have done sooooo many meditation 🧘‍♀️ downloads it’s crazy 😜!

So I look 👀 back at all the years of being a super mom and doing everything that it didn’t make any difference that I had lupus!! Why am I always so sick now?? Is anyone else going through anything like this?

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